About Us


(Registered under Govt. of Jharkhand)
Reg. No. 10529/1470/2011

Our Organizations:-
1) Rejoice Church
2) Rejoice Mission School
3) Rejoice Institute of Technology and Management
4) Rejoice Mission Publishers
5) Rejoice Mission Montessori Teachers Training College

Rejoice means to give joy to all. Rejoice Mission School is an English Medium, co-educational, CBSE pattern school managed by Rejoice Mission . Hostel facility is also available for outstation students.

Rejoice Mission school gives total education which will enable the students to optimize their talents and use their potential not only for their own welfare but also for the good of the society of which they are an integral part. Quality education along with moral, social, intellectual, spiritual foundation is the object of mission education.

It is the task of mission education to help the young understand and appreciate the values of technology in a discriminating way and to appropriate them in all measures that will enhance them as human beings. Our young people should develop an appreciation for science & technology but at the same time realize their insufficiency in providing an integral humanism through which a human can rise above the machines they create.

When we talk about ‘education in a democracy’, we mean it could lead a more just and free society, a society in which “the ultimate aim of production is not the production of goods but production of free human beings associated with each other”. This idea had its roots in enlightenment values, traditions that included progressive liberals, independent socialists and libertarian socialists.