Aims & Objectives

The mission goal of education is to give a value of sense of things other than domination and to help create wise citizens of a free community.

Mission education is oriented to helping individuals to discover and create, explore, evaluate and come to understand to refine, to exercise their talent, to contemplate, to make their own individual contribution to contemporary culture, to analyze, criticize and transform this culture and the social structure in which it is rooted.

Mission schools aim is working for the development of the nation through imparting a complete education to the young which will prepare them to be worthy citizens by inculcating the values of equality, fraternity and justice in them. This secular task can be viewed as a genuine form of socialization. This development must be conceived not only in economic terms but also in spiritual, moral, physical and intellectual terms.

Mission school can effectively contribute to the development of democracy by introducing method of teaching aimed at stimulating in  the pupils powers of personal thought make effort to teach social concern and national commitment to build up achievement and motivation, to break down prejudice based on caste, religion and language and to inculcate the dignity of manual work.

Our aim is not simply to ‘teach’ and develop good professionals in society, but Rejoice Mission teaches in order to educate, to draw out the best that is in every person. The student is called upon to develop himself as a person and he should know how to live in a community. Plans, programs, methods, examination etc. are all developed in accordance with this objective, the person we educate must be able to live in community, in solidarity with other men and women who are his brother and sister, especially with those who are in need.

We want our students to be ‘persons for others’. Egoism, deceit, craze for possessions, consumerist-spirit, a spirit of competition which takes advantage of the weakness of others: these tendencies have no room in our educational purpose. Sadly the society in which we live and obtain the family itself accepts these tendencies without reflecting on the harm they do to the person, the family and society. To combat these harmful tendencies it is essential that everyone parents teachers and students – be convinced and united in affirming the values of justice, equality service, sincerity, honesty, generosity and respect for others.

The school is intended primarily for the education of poor boys and girls, particularly of the tribal community. However with due regard to the strength of each class and the academic ability of the people students of all religious persuasions are admitted, without any interference with their respective creeds. The school makes a preferential option for the marginalized and seeks to give all round formation including both human and spiritual values.

The school follows a new and outstanding curriculum with expert faculty members to unravel the joy of learning, innovative methods based on the integral academic pattern caters to both intellectual and effective dimensions conductive to overall moral, religious and aesthetic aspects of growth – an integrated approach to harmonies all elements for the formation of fine human beings.

The school aims at forming young men and women of competence, commitment, compassion, and of conscience. It aims at the integral personal information of the young. To accomplish this special efforts are made.